Interaction Design, Presentation Design, and Illustration


What have I been up to lately?

  • Presentation slide design for Dr. Peter Boghossian.
  • Web Design and Development on a batch of apps for HelpCounter.
  • Developing, a game in which players command bees and build a hive.
  • Learning Unity VR game development.

If my activities or priorities change, I’ll update this page.
Last update was February 2020.

Portrait of Corey Van Hoosen

Corey Van Hoosen is a Front-End Interface Designer & Developer​ with a BA in Graphic Design from Portland State University.​ He has experience both as part of agencies and as a freelance consultant designing ​flyers, logos/branding, illustrations, infographics, ​and developing ​websites, mobile interfaces​, and games​​​.​ With one hand on the design side of things, and the other in development, he is proficient not only in translating ideas to be visually intuitive, but also able to make them functional and interactive.

He has worked with clients to ​create visually ​compelling​ keynote​ presentation slide decks​ on the topics of philosophy, religion, technology, medicine, and politics.​ He is proficient in organizing​ and clarify​ing​​ complex ideas​ and information​ to bring strong clean visuals​ to whatever form of visual communication he is designing for​.

Other than his professional pursuits, he enjoys playing keyboard instruments and kalimba, hiking, cycling, listening more than talking, gaming, and green tea.