Interaction Design, Presentation Design, and Illustration


Improve your visual impact

Stand out and enhance your message through graphic design and illustration.

How can I help you?

Presentation Design

I have experience creating compelling and effective slide decks for presenters of philosophy, environmental sustainability, politics, and technology. I will work with you to create a custom style through color scheme, font, and graphical look. I will work with you to ensure your presentation is as clear and visually interesting as possible. I will create graphics to communicate your ideas and will find attractive ways to display your data in charts and graphs.

Interactive UI/UX Design

Increase your web presence and credibility with a custom responsive site. Hire me to design and develop a professional website for you that looks great on both desktops and mobile screens.

Have an idea for a mobile app? I can work with you to create wireframes of your app and design an attractive and intuitive user interface throughout your app.


Stand out with a unique brand. Hire me to create a compelling brand look and feel for your business. After consulting with you to understand what makes you distinct from your competition, I will work with you to design a logo, color scheme, font, social network graphics, business cards, letterhead, and more depending on where people will be coming in contact with your brand.


Custom illustrations are a great way to add personality to your business or message. Hire me to create unique hand-drawn or vector illustrations tailored to your brand.

Portrait of Corey Van Hoosen

I am a Front-End Interface Designer & Developer living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. My work often explores themes of technology, philosophy, and environmental sustainability. I have experience in both designing and developing front-end web and mobile interfaces. I have worked with clients to come up with visually stunning presentation slide decks which enhance rather than distract from the speaker's words. I use my creativity to clarify complex ideas and a strong aesthetic sense to bring clean visuals to causes I believe in. Other than my creative pursuits, I enjoy science fiction, hiking, cycling, listening rather than talking, gaming and green tea.