Interaction Design, Presentation Design, and Illustration


What have my clients said about working with me?

Great experience overall. Corey is so patient and really cares about making his clients happy and getting exactly what they want. Very talented. Went above and beyond. Couldn't recommend him enough!

—Nichole A

Corey has worked closely with me as my slide and presentation designer. He has created the images and made Keynote presentations for me. These presentations have been incredibly well received (and seen by literally tens of thousands of people in-person and online). Corey also designed the cover of my book, A Manual for Creating Atheists, and made the only chart in the book. Additionally, Corey has always been completely dependable. He is rock solid and a paragon of dependability. He’s been totally reliable, willing to take criticism, open to new ideas, very hard working (often going the extra mile with attention to detail), an excellent team player, and trustworthy.

—Dr. Peter Boghossian

Corey designed a logo for our startup business. We had a few different ideas we were thinking of and Corey did a wonderful job helping us make a decision on what would be the best design. He gave us a couple mockups of his ideas before we settled on a design we really liked. In addition to the logo image he created, Corey also did a great job of finding a font that fit our personalities and business idea, and he chose a color scheme that was both catchy and professional.

—Bellus Technologies

Portrait of Corey Van Hoosen

I am a Front-End Interface Designer & Developer living in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. My work often explores themes of technology, philosophy, and environmental sustainability. I have experience in both designing and developing front-end web and mobile interfaces. I have worked with clients to come up with visually stunning presentation slide decks which enhance rather than distract from the speaker's words. I use my creativity to clarify complex ideas and a strong aesthetic sense to bring clean visuals to causes I believe in. Other than my creative pursuits, I enjoy science fiction, hiking, cycling, listening rather than talking, gaming and green tea.