Interaction Design, Presentation Design, and Illustration

The Draft Authority

Branding & Website Design/Development

The co-founders of The Draft Authority, a draft systems installation and maintenance startup chose me to work with them to create a logo and website to establish their visual brand.

I got to know their preferences and ideas with which I came up with several logo options, font pairings, and color schemes. Their feedback was taken at every step along the way until we arrived at a brand we were all pleased with. The final logo combines tap beer systems and a local Pacific Northwest landmark framed by a badge shape to reflect the Authority aspect of their name.

Logo for The Draft Authority
Web design on perspective mockups.

Once their visual identity had been completed, I met with them to talk over their web design. I sketched an outline for their website on the spot, adding and removing from it as we discussed what parts they wanted to include and the information they wanted to convey. I took the outline and solidified it into a full design in Adobe Illustrator.

When the design of the site was approved, I then got to work developing it as the responsive Bootstrap site.

Selected Works: